Phillip Chalker "on the road"

Phillip Chalker “on the road”

I’m Phillip Chalker and I run Latrobe Music.

I am a singer, songwriter, performer and music teacher based in Traralgon (Victoria).

Latrobe Music was set up to help people who want to get started in music and those who want to follow an existing passion.

I teach lessons in ukulele and guitar and also run music and singing workshops, and community sessions

My specialty is to give beginners a quick start to a level where they can play in small group situations and enjoy shared music experience.

The workshops and community sessions are also designed to help people realise more quickly their personal music dreams. All my sessions are intended to be fun and no one’s under pressure of falling behind.

Phillip Chalker, at a live concert in Melbourne

A live concert performance in Melbourne

I also do live performances and have travelled extensively and performed for a wide variety of audiences, at parties, community events, aged care facilities, festivals, shopping centres, clubs and conferences. I mostly perform from a wide selection of popular classics.

I have a Certificate III in Music from Kangan Institute, have worked with Community Music Victoria, and have been involved with the Victorian disability arts organisation Wild at Heart as a live performer, regional convener and a committee member.

I am a Member of Can-Do Musos, an organisation supporting challenged musicians throughout the world.

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Since childhood I have been blind and it was then that I began to learn music. Starting with the guitar I learned many of the great classics using feel and hearing. (That’s given me some handy techniques I use to help my students learn their instruments faster.)

Phillip with his dog and guitar

Phillip, his dog, and his guitar

Progressing along my musical pathway I was looking for further ideas and began writing my own songs, recorded some of them in a studio.

Often I receive messages of thanks for lessons and workshops that I’ve held, and functions I’ve performed at.

I welcome you to join my Facebook community of friends and followers.

Let me know if there’s some way that I can help you.



Hey Phil, you really are becoming quite a showman! Really like that song! lost in the desert. – Elise Kisyma

Phillip is good at organising events, is a good communicator, very enthusiastic and is a good musician, singer. – Olivia Mitchell