Stephanie Mitchell
I would like to thank you for a fantastic website. You were easy to communicate with and did a great job adding the pages and content I wanted. Www.stephanie-Mitchell.com

Abbey Paten
Phillip’s lessons were great! Starting as an absolute beginner he has taught me so much. Phillip is friendly, encouraging and very knowledgable about music.

Kate Heart
I started working one day a week in Traralgon… an early morning shift and an afternoon shift. I had most of the day free on a town I didn’t really know. I went looking for something to learn/do in between shifts. Personally I think I hit the jack pot!
I ended up taking lessons with Phillip for two months. In this time Phillip taught me countless chords (love how simple they are on the uke) and many songs. I’d like to thank Phillip for adapting his teaching style to how I learn. Not only did Phillip introduce me to the standard uke… he also taught me about the Baritone which has given me a good base to tackle the guitar.
I get great personal satisfaction from sitting down and strumming away. Playing songs for others and sometimes just to my self. I’m really glad I learned to play the ukulele

It was an amazing experience learning ukulele lessons from this talented young man . I went in there a few weeks ago a little bit sceptical about the outcome of this tuition with the degree of difficulty for a vision impaired teacher to teach me how to play this instrument . I must say that I was totally amazed by his patience , clear explanation and not once did I feel his impairment . 4 weeks after the lessons I can honestly say that it was an absolute pleasure learning from Phillip and most of all I can play the Ukulele . Yay !!

Marian Savage New Zealand
I had never touched a Ukulele before I found Phillips’ website on the internet and now after only 4 lessons with Phillip I can play several songs and am now looking to join a beginners group. The lessons are done in an informal setting and at your own pace with Phillip as an enthusiastic teacher. I look forward to returning to Traralgon and having a jam with you in the future.

Kim Howard
U really do cater to all abilities. As a more advanced learner I have felt that I have gained a clearer understanding of the ukulele giving me much more confidence in playing whilst keeping it light hearted and fun.
Thanks very much

Online Ukulele Lessons

Nicole Kenter Gippsland Region?
Having seen an ad in the paper for Uke lessons, I thought I’d check it out. My daughter had been playing the Uke but was not progressing well on her own so I wanted to give her the little boost she needed. We have little time to be able to travel to lessons etc so when I saw that Phillip could do them by ‘FaceTime’ I thought I’d call. Phillip suggested that we learn together to help encourage her to play and practise. Looking back, this was the best suggestion! We started with the basics where my daughter felt like the expert of the two of us and we started to play songs, that sounded like songs! I was very impressed and we were having great bonding time too, something we often miss out on with our busy lives. Over 4 lessons we picked up so much and we have learnt enough to continue to play songs together which we really enjoy. I never have to get her to practise anymore, my daughter is picking up her uke every day just to play for ‘fun’. Phillip was great fun to learn with, we had lots of laughs and he was very encouraging, (and forgiving when we sounded terrible! We sound much better now). I would thoroughly recommend Philip’s uke lessons. With the convenience of face to face or over the computer lessons, a great value price, and how much we learnt and improved, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks Phillip.

Lexi Kenter Gippsland Region?
Mum and I did Uke lessons with Phillip for a month. We did it on the computer which was really good as we didn’t have to travel into town. We learnt heaps and it was really fun doing it with Mum too. We play it together now and have learnt so many songs. Its good because we can help each other when we get stuck on something. Phillip was really funny and made me feel like it was ok to make mistakes while I was learning. I’m loving playing my uke and practise all the time now. Thank you.

Robert Neale, blind student NSW .

Big Sing in Traralgon 2016, comments

Fiona Macgillivray & All the singers in Larking About
We wanted to say thank you for your effort putting it on. We all had a great time learning new songs and singing with new people. When we got home to Rosebud we all agreed that it had been a splendid day and well worth the effort of it.
Thanks again.
Big Sing in Warragul 2015, comments

Anthea Dacy
Thanks for organising today’s Big Sing event in Warragul with Jane Coker.  These kinds of activities are so important for communities. The skill and professionalism of the singing leaders made it a group I would want to belong to.  Please let me know of any future events or, better still, if there will be a regular group running out of Warragul.

Jane K
Hi Phillip
It was great fun being involved in today’s Big Sing Warragul.
The fabulous outcome of coming together with talented people, who share this special interest, was so rewarding.
Many thanks
to you and Jane for your expertise and creativity

2014 Big Sing in Morwell, comments
Olivia Mitchell
It was a very enjoyable relaxed time & Jane got the best out of everyone’s voice by her way of teaching, friendliness, people skills.  Singing harmonies was good, to get used to others singing different verse, from what I was singing. Practicing singing the very short songs was a great way to get warmed up for singing the longer songs. How did you hear about the big sing?
I heard about it from Phillip, who organised the Big Sing. He is good at organising events, is a good communicator, very enthusiastic and is a good musician, singer. He is also very competent at using and showing others how to use technology e.g.: I phone, iPad, Apple laptop, PC , etc.
I am looking forward to attending more Big Sings in the near future,

Karine Kistler:
The Big Sing was an enjoyable event.  I enjoyed being able to have a sing along with other people who feel the same and just want to sing even if we can’t get all the notes etc right.  It was fun Thanks.
Judy Goriuk:
Hi Phillip, absolutely loved the Big Sing, wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for me, but I had so much fun. Will definitely go to the next one.
Joan Gardner:
Thoroughly enjoyed finding my inner Madonna or was Troy Cassar-Daly but it was fun. Thank you Jane Coker and Phillip Chalker.

< h2>Group Performance comments

Karen Zaffina, Lifestyle Teamleader, Yallambee Traralgon:
Thank you so much.  You’s did so well in bringing people together.  Very enjoyable afternoon.


Ukulele workshops comments

Cheryl Kane
I have attended two of Phillips workshops, met some lovely people, learned heaps and had lots of fun. Well done Phillip, and keep up the good work

Judy Goriuk:
Have had so much fun learning in your beginners class Phillip, can’t wait for the next term of classes to start.  You make playing the uke such a rewarding thing to do.  Keep spreading the music and the happiness Phillip, well done.

Joan Gardner:
Phillip Chalker (and  Roddy) inspires all as we learn a new craft in ukulele playing in a fun, entertaining atmosphere.  He learns from us as we learn from him. Phillip makes you feel you should never underestimate your own hidden talents or the talents of everyone else you come in contact with. Thanks Phillip.

Barb Harding:
“It’s been really broadening our horizons in terms of communicating with Phillip” participant Barb Harding said. “It’s sort of been two-way learning, he’s got to learn to teach us while we’re learning from him.”

2006-2011 testimonials

Djing & live performances
December 4th 2016.

Diane Scott-
Acting House Supervisor- Residential Client Services Inner Gippsland
Thanks for your great inclusion skills at our Christmas Party. All our residents enjoyed it and the families and friends did too. We were able to sing along and feel part of something special. We danced and clapped and the atmosphere you created was a complete credit to you and your skills. I have shared your information with others and hope they can have the pleasure of entertainment skills in the future! You were awesome thank you again.

Andrew Murray, former Rural Access Project Officer, Baw Baw Shire Council:
Phil is an entertaining and charismatic performer and always gets the crowd engaged. Phil is a determined and motivated individual with a high level of commitment to his craft and to developing and improving his skills.

Phil Heuzenroeder, Artistic and Managing Director, Club Wild:
Phil is a talented performer who demonstrates great energy for his performances and a strong commitment to developing a professional standard of stagecraft.

Akash Temple, En(dis)abled artist:
Through the many years of writing music and performing with Phillip, one part stands out: his yearning to learn. His dreams about the EN(dis)abled community give me drive towards my goals.

Rishi Gunasee:
WOW… What a show Phil… I had the pleasure of seeing u perform live after hearing your album and I’ll tell ya what, u’re show totally rocked.

Warren Bartlett:
Thank you Phil for all your encouragement and support in helping me to build up my confidence in preparing and playing live with you! It?s nice to see people enjoying themselves when we played on Thursday 14th October 2010 and I look forward to Performing with you on Friday 10th December. Thanks again.

Mandy Michelle:
Phillip Chalker performed an impromptu ‘birthday gig’ whilst he was out busking on Friday 31st July, 2009, in Warragul, consisting of ‘Happy Birthday’ and then some of his work. It was original and very entertaining. Very much enjoyed the original song ‘Lost in the Desert of Australia’.
Thank you Phillip Chalker (and Kransky) for an unexpected and awesome start to my birthday this year, much appreciated.

Simon Imagin, Music Tutor, Araluen Centre:
Phil Chalker was a great act for our Pink Day Fundraiser for Breast Cancer. Given that we are a centre for adults with disabilities, it was hugely special to have such a wonderful entertainer come and entertain our clients, friends and staff.

From the staff at Haven Primary school:
Hello Phillip,
Just sending you some feedback on the performance you did on 16th October at Haven Primary School, Horsham. The children all really loved the performance. It was great to see them getting up and joining in with the karaoke and dance. Your final song was very touching and there were quite a few of the older children who were obviously moved by your performance. The children like hearing about your life and how Kransky helps you to get around.
A very lively performance, thankyou.

Terry Bigeni:
Hey Phil. Love your web site – congratulations. Your performances are always a buzz. You always know how to get a laugh out of your audience. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you performing again soon.

Elise Kisyma:
Hey Phil, you really are becoming quite a showman! Really like that song! lost in the desert.
Great website and keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Barnard from bandcamp Horsham:
Doing a great job keep up the good work appreciate you giving up your time and effort best wishes for the future.

Mal Gamble, Central Bayside Adult Community Options, Cheltenham:
Great show Phil! Our group really enjoyed a live performance for a change. Keep up the energy.

Other comments

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