Phillip with ukulele in studio

Phillip with ukulele in studio

Latrobe Music is a community organisation bringing exciting music workshops and events to the Gippsland region all workshops and events are led by experienced artists and are open to all ages and abilities

What I CAN DO?
I can provide Private Ukulele Lessons Available from my own home in Traralgon. .
Options of lessons are one-on-one witch is with a mentor and yourself.
Options 2 is in a pair witch is with a mentor and two other people which could be a family member or a friend.
Option 3 in a small group up to 4 people including mentor.
Comment: Abbey Paten
Phillip’s lessons were great! Starting as an absolute beginner he has taught me so much. Phillip is friendly, encouraging and very knowledgable about music

But if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your home because of the bad wether or your to far to travel to my location you don’t need to worry I can teach you from the comfort of your own home anywhere in Australia.
All is required for this is an internet connection or a Mac or iPad, or iPhone, running face time or a windows based computer with Skype.Online Ukulele Lessons Testimonials

I’m also available to Lead ukulele workshops for complete beginners for a program at your community centres, organisations, neighbourhood houses, events, festivals, schools or for scout groups.

What each string on the ukulele is.?
How to Hold the ukulele.
How to strum the ukulele.
Where to place your fingers when learning chords weather it’s a Major or Learn basic songs that you can play to yourself or in a group such as two chord songs and depends on your progress we will move to songs with 4 chords.
All participants must provide own ukulele or tuner for each lessons.

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