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Phillip with ukulele in studio

Phillip with ukulele in studio

Latrobe Music was established in 2014.
Do you have hidden talents that you may not be aware of? Well, don’t keep them hidden away too long.

Latrobe Music is a community organisation bringing exciting music workshops to the Gippsland region. Our workshops and events are led by experienced artists and are open to all ages and abilities. This gives you a chance to learn music-making skills in ukulele playing and singing in a fun, entertaining atmosphere.

Latrobe Music also gives you the opportunity to perform live in front of an audience.

Being a part of Latrobe Music is also a great way to meet new friends and socialise with others who share common goals and interests as you.
Learning a music instrument is good for the mind body and sole.

Anyone interested in conducting all-abilities music workshops or becoming a volunteer or help to shape the future of this community organisation by being part of a committee with Latrobe Music please ?

Spread the word! Tell people all about Latrobe Music, our great workshops and private Ukulele lessons.
Please promote in your newsletters, your website, or social media pages.

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