Do you have hidden talents that you may not be aware of? Well, don’t keep them hidden away too long! Latrobe Music is a community organization, bringing exciting music workshops to the Gippsland Region.
Our WORKSHOPS and EVENTS are led by experienced artists, and are open to all ages and abilities. These workshops and events give you a chance to learn music making skills in ukulele playing and singing in a fun, entertaining atmosphere. Latrobe Music also gives you the opportunity to perform live in front of an audience.
Anyone interested in conducting all abilities music workshops or becoming a volunteer with Latrobe Music please contact Phillip Chalker on 0400 603,367.
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Private Ukulele Lessons:
Available in Traralgon East and Gippsland.

If you are in the Traralgon, Morwell, Moe, or other surrounding areas of Traralgon and require Ukulele tuition – look no further! Latrobe Music is now offering one-on-one ukulele lessons in the Gippsland region.
All lessons are for complete beginners and open to all abilities. Attendees must provide their own ukulele and tuner.
All lessons will last for 1 hour, during the week and weekend from 10am till 6pm and are run from my own home.
COST: $20 per person for one hour.
The types of ukuleles taught are Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone.
For more information on private ukulele lessons please contact Phillip Chalker on 0400 603 367 or Email: latrobemusic@gmail.com

private Ukulele lesson in Traralgon East flyer

Live Performances:

Phil, Roddy, and a guitar – sitting in the grass, photo by Laura Ferguson

Are you looking for a solo performer for any of your events or activities? Well look no more.
I am a performing singer and musician who plays guitar and ukulele, with a great sense of humour. I can be extremely interactive, and motivate your audience to participate!
Over the years, I have traveled extensively performing for a variety of organisations within Victoria.
I’m also a songwriter, Beginners Ukulele Teacher and a community music worker.
I’m available to perform at events for any organisation.
I specialise in parties, community events, functions, festivals, day programs, schools, shopping centres, pubs, clubs, conferences and aged care facilities. More about me
For more information on live performances please contact Phillip Chalker on 0400 603 367 or email latrobemusic@gmail.com.
Live Performances Flyer

My Apra Member Number is : 688913

Phillip performing the song Michael rode the boat ashore on hes Ukulele.

Phillip performing the Midnight Special on his Ukulele

Phillip Performing the do Ron Ron on his Ukulele

Ukulele Workshops for complete beginners

Uklaimers Ukulele Workshops March 2014 – photo taken by LV Express

Would you like ukulele workshops for complete beginners brought to your community centre, organisations, neighbourhood houses, events, festivals, schools or scout groups?
Led by Phillip Chalker. Participants must provide own Ukulele and tuner.
Swing along to the sounds of beautiful Ukulele music and easy to play popular songs.
Come and have a go and ride the mighty Uke wave that’s sweeping the world! Workshops are open to people of all abilities.
For more information on ukulele workshops, please contact Phillip Chalker on 0400 603 367 or email latrobemusic@gmail.com.

Here is a videoclip of my ukulele group – The Uklaimers – performing the song Iko Iko.

Ukulele lessons from the comfort of your own home.
Want to learn how to play the Ukulele from the comfort of your own home anywhere around the world??
All lessons are taught by Phillip Chalker using Face Time or Skype on a Mac computer or iPhone.
Learn in your own time at your own pace. Open to all abilities.
These lessons are also suitable for people who are blind or vision impaired.
Cost $15 for 1 hour lessons. Payment details will be provided when booking.
For more information, please contact Latrobe music on 0400 603 367 or email: latrobemusic@gmail.com

Find Your Voice workshops
Do you want to sing in a group for fun? Who would like to ‘Find Your Voice’?
No auditions. No experience necessary. Just come and sing your heart out with a friendly group of people.

It’s not about how good you can sing – it’s about having FUN when you sing! Come along and sing your head off and meet new friends. Sing classic songs like Achy Breaky Heart and the Midnight Special.
It doesn’t matter whether you sing high low or out of tune, we’re there to enjoy ourselves. We encourage everyone to participate.

I also Run Gippsland all abilities social group

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